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Threedy 3D Printer by PuzzleShed

The Original Threedy Printer

The THREEDY Printer

Welcome to the home of the Threedy Printer.  A 3D printer designed and assembled by PuzzleShed.

The all inclusive price and £1195 includes:

  • Prebuilt printer.
  • Ready  to print within 15 minutes of opening the box.
  • Heater print platform (215mx215mm) enabling printing in ABS, PLA and a range of other plastics.
  • Spool of filament (either PLA or ABS).
  • Email and telephone support.

We are just back from the 2013 Model Engineer Show where there was significant interest in the Threedy.  We will be updating our website over the coming days and will shortly be announcing a kit version of our printer.

The full specification...

The THREEDY in action.....

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